Tolworth's puppets

The Community Brain worked with Corinthian-Casuals Football Club and the local community to create the concept for two puppets for Tolworth. The idea proposed was to design two characters to represent the link between Tolworth and Brazil, which could come to life at the Brazilian Festival and take part in future events in the area.

Mandinga Arts created the puppets, exploring flexibility of movement so they can be used in multiple poses and situations. The puppets' outfits take inspiration from the colours and themes of local football team Corinthian-Casuals, and the Brazilian team Corinthians Paulista. 

Puppet development
Puppet development.jpg

Puppet development at Mandinga Arts' studio

Puppet training took place at various sites in Tolworth including Tolworth Station and at the Festival Launch on the Broadway and a local park. 


About Mandinga Arts

Mandinga Arts researches, designs, creates, and delivers extraordinary and innovative artistic experiences using custom-made costumes and puppets, engaging communities in lively processions and performances throughout the UK and Europe, and as far afield as China and Colombia. Mandinga is known for its distinctive style bringing together live music, carnival, street costume, puppetry, and dance, drawing on diverse influences from Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. 


Mandinga facilitates high quality community contributions and brings a new aesthetic to the growing carnival and outdoor performance movement in the UK and overseas. The company blends a range of traditional skills with new technology for an inventive and imaginative approach to design and performance. This adventurous practice, and a willingness to share new ideas and methodology, keeps Mandinga Arts at the forefront of design and delivery for outdoor performing arts.